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     If you read my first novel, Death at the Old Mill Pond, you will recognize several of the key characters, who also appear in this book. Zanna Armstrong is managing her first major convention, a medical meeting and exhibition at the Bay Area Superior Hotel. 

     Zanna goes to the Speakers Lounge, to be sure the speakers have checked in. At the door, she hears an angry exchange between the keynote speaker, and another doctor. “Have you lost your mind? By stealing all of the credit for our breakthrough, you robbed me of the grant money to continue my work, and the credit I deserve. You are a liar and a thief. I’m so angry I could kill you!”

     A key committee member rushes out of the room, brushing past Zanna. She goes reluctantly into the Speakers Lounge to meet the keynote speaker and 
discuss his speech for the following morning, all the while wondering if he is a fraud.

     Monday morning, the famous keynote speaker fails to appear for the opening session. Soon the police are involved, and they accuse Zanna of being one of the doctor’s scorned mistresses.

NOTE FROM SARA: In real life, I have managed conventions and trade shows of all sizes in Washington, San Francisco, New York, Dallas, and Atlanta; and also in Canada, England, Ireland and Scotland.
Hotel Mysteries
     Thank you for visiting my web site. I am very excited about my second Zanna Armstrong novel, just published. Death of A Keynote Speaker, A Hotel Mystery, is set in the heart of San Francisco, where I
 lived for several years.
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